Our story

A local charity set up to help those with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Originally set up in 1996 by Mr Peter Jones, Consultant at Maidstone Hospital, and his wife Sue, also a Consultant, the Mid Kent Breast Cancer Research Appeal was established to raise funds for medical research into the causes, detection, prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

The remit of the charity gradually widened to include the purchasing of specialist equipment and resources for the hospital’s Breast Care Unit. With the retirement of Mr and Mrs Jones, and the Trustees and committee in 2013, a new team of Consultants, Professionals and volunteers have taken over the reigns and continue the work of the original charity.

Great Aspirations

As the scope of the charity widens, so the name has changed to ‘Breast Cancer Kent’. Dedicated to raising money to improve the lives of people diagnosed with breast cancer in Kent, the charity funds projects and equipment for all stages of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. We want our Kent units to become specialist hubs - centres of excellence, known for being forward thinking, and having state of the art equipment, and staff skilled in using it.

Breast Cancer Kent helps to achieve this goal through helping fund projects and equipment for research, diagnosis, surgery, treatment, after-care, survivorship and well-being.

Quick facts

Breast Cancer represented
of all new cancer cases in 2017 and is the most common cancer in women, globally
In UK women, around
new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2017
of breast cancers were in women under 50, between 2015-2017
of breast cancers occurred in women over 75 between 2015-2017