Do You Have Some Time To Spare? Breast Cancer Kent is run entirely by volunteers.  The Trustees and Committee give their time and skills completely free of charge so that all money donated to the charity goes directly where it should - to helping those with a breast cancer diagnosis in Kent.

We are always looking for help with our fundraising events and initiatives.  Could you spare a couple of hours to help run a stall at a Christmas event?  Could you help meet and greet guests at one of our fundraising functions?  Help with teas and coffees?

The Committee currently comprises Trustees, Fundraising Co-ordinators, Event organisers, Website and Social Media Co-ordinators.  We are currently looking for more help with administration of the charity.  Do you have some skills to lend us?  It doesn't have to take up too much time - a couple of hours a month would greatly help - and you would find it fun and rewarding.

Become One Of Our 'BCK Buddies'

Why not register as a 'BCK Buddy'?  If you are not able to help on a regular basis, but are able to give some of your time occasionally, then please register with our fundraising co-ordinator, Helen. Helen might then call on you for ad hoc assistance at one of our events - maybe helping other volunteers to sell raffle tickets, or manning a stall for a couple of hours at a Christmas Fayre?  Does this sound like something you'd be interested in?  Get in touch via our enquiry form!

If you are able to help on an ad hoc basis, or give more regular commitment, please get in touch with us.  Thank you.  Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Quick facts

Breast Cancer represented
of all new cancer cases in 2017 and is the most common cancer in women, globally
In UK women, around
new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2017
of breast cancers were in women under 50, between 2015-2017
of breast cancers occurred in women over 75 between 2015-2017