Tonbridge School’s Pink Day Fundraiser

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In October 2022, the students of Tonbridge Boys’ School, held a ‘Pink Day’ to fundraise for Breast Cancer Kent. How did they do this you may ask? Well the pictures will illustrate what a fun time it was and how well they did to raise money for our charity!

The boys first of all attended an auction to buy their pink outfits which came from local charity shops. They then had to pay £2 to actually wear them on the day. The morning of the event, they were buying bags of sweets labelled with Breast Cancer Kent stickers for £2. On the night of the event they had a musical evening where they were charged £5 to attend to include fizzy pop, cakes and crisps.

There are 800 boys at the school and so the fundraising day was quite an event!

Thank you to all of the boys and masters who took part. It is much appreciated by the charity and we’re glad you obviously had fun!